«Because aerial video»

 Forms a part of group of companies «Because production group». 
mover2The most dynamic developing company in Ukraine in aerial photography and video shooting with use of air drones.
We estimate our fleet of drones used for aerial filming to be the biggest in Ukraine.
Hydrostabilized platforms installed on our drones provide high quality picture requiring only a minimum post-processing and program stabilization.
Staff of professionals, that are employed by our company, include professional pilots, operators, designers of air drones and stabilization systems.
Many years experience and knowledge in film industry allow us to offer the best solutions for making most spectacular and beautiful shots to directors and operators.
Our company possesses our own fabrication workshop where professional engineers and specialists perform fabrication, mounting and testing of drones. Stabilization systems for aerial filming as well as for landbased filming (digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld Camera Gimbal) are also mounted at our own workshop.


«Because film rental»MOVER3

Forms a part of group of companies «Because production group» and specializes on technical provision of shooting stage (equipment rental).
We provide everything that operator might need: Video cameras (Arri Alexa XT, Red Epic, Black magic 4K…), accessories for cameras (radiofocus, easyrig, monitors, tripos, etc.), optics and accessories, stabilization systems, professional staff and transport for technical equipment transportation.
We fully provide for all types of filming whether it is advertising or music clips, or TV shows, or a full length movie. We also provide for filming in hard-to-reach areas and in field conditions. We help filming during heat and frosts, and even at wind blows up to 15 m/s. Our team of operators and technicians can service and maintain the equipment at all stages of filming process.

«Because production»

Forms a part of group of companies «Because production group» and is a full cycle video production studio. Our team works on the market since 2002 and has fulfilled more than 2000 video works during this period.
зщыеDo You need to conceive and film an advertising clip? Without any problem! Creative group of our company will analyze Your brief on script development, will analyze competitors` TV ads, will develop the script of TV reel for Your product or service.
So the script is developed and approved by the customer.
What we need is to select a director, operator, art director, make a shooting sheet, cast actors out of our large actor database and conduct filmtests, costume fittings, make-up, hair styling, imaging, development and construction of decorations, select a location, perform selection or fabrication of sceneries – done, we are ready to shoot!
Light, camera, sound – our big and friendly team is already on the spot and ready to shoot.
Before the clock makes a round we hear the magic words of director: «Thanks to everybody, it`s a wrap».
Next stage – editing, post production, colour grading, if necessary 2-D, 3-D graphics in our own studio made by the specialists of our company, music, announcer`s sound record.

All is done! Reel is ready!

Well, if You need, for example, to shoot a corporate movie, make a multiple camera filming, perform aerial filming, provide live video translation of an event (concerts, shows, sport events etc.), make graphic movie of any complexity, make music clip, shoot feature or documentary movie – you are always welcome.

In all these spheres we have a substantial expertise we will eagerly demonstrate You!