We offer services of professional aerial photography / video shooting with use of multi-rotor systems and high-resolution digital videocameras. Our company possesses a fleet of more than ten drones of various sizes and modifications allowing to fulfill the task of any complexity. Every of the given devices is equipped with three axial gyroscopic system of camera stabilization which absorbs vibrations occurring in the air even with the wind blows up to 12 m/s.
Our multi-rotor platforms are equipped with signal transmitters allowing to effectively control copter at the distances up to 500 meters. During all this time we are able to receive real-time «image» from camera to the operator`s console and, optionally, to the director`s playback. In the agreed cases it is possible to use simultaneously several copters to shoot object/scene from different angles.
The whole arsenal of our copters is prepared for prompt and protected transportation in case of need to shoot outside the territory of Ukraine.





  • Operating altitudes vary from 1 m to 500 m (it is possible to reach altitude of 1,5 km, but resulting image does not represent any practical interest);
  • Maximum speed is up to 50 km/h (it should be taken into consideration that slower is the speed of the object being shot, more stable video image is obtained);
  • Can be used under severe weather conditions namely with the wind speed up to 12 m/s (tasks with specific conditions are possible and are to be agreed individually);
  • Multi-rotor systems are not operated in the rain which is limited by the impossibility to effectively protect digital camera lens;
  • Power operating reserve up to 25 minutes;
  • Shooting is possible day and night;
  • Aerial video shooting is possible in the environment of dense urban area and even inside the buildings (workshops, halls, exhibition centers etc.)
  • Quick start:
    «Cold start» of the system following transportation to the operation location is about 30 minutes
    «Hot start » — following change of location or scene is 5-7 minutes.
  • Prices for aerial video shooting made from radiocontrolled copter are substantially more affordable than the ones made from piloted helicopter. Moreover drone’s size allows shooting under conditions which are normally impracticable for piloted aircrafts.





  •  in construction, geodesy, architecture for construction design development as well as for construction stages planning;
  • in archeology, for orthophotomaps creation and land resources research;
  • in cartography, aerial photogrammetric measurements serve to topographic maps composition,3D modeling of relief;
  • in land arrangement, for comprehensive resource evaluation, making territory plans and efficient use of land resources;
  • in forestmanagement, with the aim of forming plan and cartographic documents necessary for inventory of forest fund, fire damage assessment, filing records of tree cutting and forest planting, quality and quantity evaluation of the trees and their population;
  • in real estate, for building assessment, providing overall display of land plot;
  • in agriculture, which allows to perform aerial control of crops and form technical characteristics of planting, plan and reclaim the lands;
  • in landscape design for quality planning of decorative planting considering the functioning of dominant natural complexes on topologic level;
  • in environmental pollution control with the aim of analytic survey for waste dumps, water pollution, conducting ecological examinations, control over compliance with environmental law;
  • in examination and monitoring of continually moving and extended objects namely oil and gas pipelines, power transmissions lines, motorways, railways, forest cleared strips, which ensures effectiveness, security, financial affordability, without interruption of technological process, as well as inspection of pipes and roofs.
  • In aerial video shooting of various events, staff parties, public events and public gathering on the squares and in the parks;
  • In escorting of vehicles, trains, and powerboats for security reasons;
  • In tourism with the aim of creation of leaflets, taking pictures of hotels, kids centers, resorts, hotel complexes, historic monuments and sightseeing sites from favorable perspective;
  • In news making for aerial shooting of events, news, TV programs;
  • In advertising for creation of 3D panoramas, 3D presentation tours from “bird`s eye” view, with a possibility of detailed videoanalysis of any small detail;
  • In panoramic shooting of city infrastructure;
  • during rescue and search missions;
  • in shooting sport events in the stadiums and in field;
  • in dynamic low altitude aerial shooting, which is most frequently used when filming clips and video reels;
  • in cinematography as this being an effective and proven solution of the grand cinema problems.


All aforementioned is available from radiocontrolled pilotless multicopter (drone), which, being in professionals` hands, becomes a creative instrument giving a possibility to get fantastic images of incomparable beauty of the surrounding world, and these images without any doubt will make an indelible impression on any viewer. This will not be a usual hollow-hearted aerial shooting but it will be rather a freely flying camera being able to approach a filmed object at a few centimeters distance and fly up hundreds meters high in no moment. All this within the limits of one long and continuing shot!





  • Vertical ascending over the object being filmed and gradually changing for panoramic view on horizon.
  • Panoramic fly over around the object on a controlled altitude and distance from the object being shot.
  • Following of the filmed object (from face, to the back, and with the for-run).
  • Following of the object with a speed of up to 60 km/h.
  • Cyclorama from one point or steady location.




Be aware that usage of multirotor system for the purpose of aerial shooting implies the compliance with certain security rules. Of cause multicopter is substantially smaller and safer than operators` helicopters, motogliders and delta planes, but nevertheless, its airborne weight often exceeds 15 kg, propellers` blades rotation speed is up to 200 rotation/sec. That’s why its use at a small distance may be dangerous for men`s health and life. That is literally why we kindly ask You to remember a minimum set of rules of conduct, abiding to which is of vital necessity.
  1. Filming is not possible during the thunderstorm (independently of whether it rains at the current specific moment)
  2. Filming is not possible on the territory (or in immediate proximity) of a number of objects such as: airports, military bases, strategic objects.
  3. Filming is not possible during the windstorms of more than 12 m/sec.
  4. Filming is not done over the heavy crowded locations (exceptions are filming of mass events, flash mobs where crowd is the filmed object itself).
  5. For «deployment» of multicopter the flat surface is needed with size not less than 2х2 meters.
  6. Minimum distance to the object, when filming from multicopter, is 2 meters.